Saint Nicholas and the Mouse of Myra


By Jay Stoeckl This graphic novel illustrates the life of St. Nicholas from his beginnings as a young priest in Asia Minor in the late 3rd Century until just before his death in the mid 4th Century. As with St. Francis and Brother Duck this story needed a and quot;set up character and for which the wisdom and early Christian teachings as shown in Nicholas and #39; life can be revealed through dialogue. This secondary protagonist is a Greek-attired mouse named Cicero who is dressed to look like a little philosopher. His personality follows this image as well as his name as this philosophical critter questions much of Nicholas and #39; Christian acts until the mouse and #39;s conversion late in the story. Unlike the childlike personality of Br. Duck, the non-Christian Cicero will have an educated intelligence and wit that will act in playful fashion when placed against Nicholas and #39; gifted wisdom.

For their heart studieth destruction, and their lips talk of mischief. - Proverbs 24:2

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