Life Of Saint Francis Florentine Plaque


Life of St. Francis Florentine Plaque is from the renowned Goldscheider collection. This piece features exquisite detail and the craftsmanship is guaranteed. This piece is a print copy of an original piece of art with applied gold paint. Florentine wall art has been around for hundreds of years. When it first developed in the 14th and 15th centuries, in and around Florence, Italy, the gilding with gold leaf of a heavy wood frame was used to highlight an original painting that it surrounded. As prints of originals became more widely available and the demand from the public increased, a more affordable process came about; that of decorating a wood board with gold leaf surrounding the print. In order to make the final outcome as beautiful as possible, a labor intensive process soon developed. First, a board was cut on which to mount the print. , as different shapes of boards worked better with different prints. Next the unfinished wood is coated with a white paste which is allowed to dry. Gold leaf or gold paint is applied to the outer edges of the board. The gold leafing adds 25-30

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