Francis of Assisi in His Own Words


By Translated and Annotated by Jon M. Sweeney Reading Francis and #39; writings is like being and quot;on the road and with him 800 years ago

Biographies will only take you so far. It and #39;s impossible to truly understand Francis of Assisi without reading his writings. Sweeney has compiled all of the ones that we are most certain come from Francis himself, including his first Rule of life, the Rule he wrote for the Third Order, letters to friends, letters to people in power, messages to all Franciscans, songs, praises, canticles, and his final spiritual Testament. An introduction and explanatory notes throughout the book help to put the writings into historical and theological context.

and quot;The man is ever-fruitful, and the world never tires of hearing from him _ Francis of Assisi, that is! Now you have the luxury of a very good translation of his original writings, in words that we can now appreciate. and quot;
-Friar Richard Rohr, OFM Center for Action and Contemplation Albuquerque, New Mexico

and quot;We can be grateful that Jon M. Sweeney has rendered the Saint and #39;s essential writings so artfully, in a language both passionate and simple and - and thus faithful to the style of Francis and the substance of his life. This little book offers a vivid compendium of the Gospel, calling us to set aside greed and relinquish extravagance in seeking the heart of Christ. It is a faithful guide for all who desire that God might and #39;enlighten the shadows of[their] heart and #39; and come to know that God is and #39;all the riches we require. and #39; and quot;
-Mark S. Burrows, Ph. D. Professor at the University of Applied Sciences, Bochum (Germany); scholar of medieval mysticism, poet, and translator of Rainer Maria Rilke and #39;s Prayers of a Young Poet

Every purpose is established by counsel: and with good advice make war. - Proverbs 20:18

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