Sterling Silver Coast Guard Medal with St. on


15/16" Sterling Silver Coast Guard St. Michael on Reverse Side.

The design of this medal was hand-sculpted by master artisans in the early 1900's. The medal is made by Die Striking high-grade Sterling Silver stock. This method enables the finest details of the precious metal to fully show, and the medal is made even more beautiful when the signature Antique Finish is applied by hand to the medal. In the final step, the medal is highlighted with hand engraving, to display the beautiful natural sheen of pure Sterling Silver.

What's included? A 24" Rhodium Plated Chain is Included with a Deluxe Velour Gift Box. Ships the next business day.

This Sterling Silver Coast Guard Medal with St. Michael on Reverse Side is made in the USA.

They prevented me in the day of my calamity: but the LORD was my stay. -Psalms 18:18

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