Our Lady Undoer of Knots Hanging Poster

Our Lady Undoer of Knots is a powerful Catholic devotion centered on the idea that Mary can help untangle the knots in our lives, whether they be spiritual, emotional, or practical.

The devotion to Our Lady Undoer of Knots has its roots in a painting that was created by Johann Georg Schmidtner, a German artist, in the 18th century. The painting, as reproduced in this poster, depicts the Virgin Mary untying knots in a long ribbon while crushing the head of a serpent. Schmidtner's painting was inspired by a prayer written by Saint Irenaeus of Lyon in the second century, in which he referred to Mary as “the undoer of knots.”

Our digitally-restored version of the Undoer of Knots painting is presented here in museum-quality matte posters that come with lightweight wooden hangers which will fit any interior decor.

We offer the posters in a variety of different sizes. Please note that the rectangular options show more of the painting's top and bottom, while the square options are cropped to feature more of the painting's focus: Our Lady.

• Hangers made from natural wood
• Hanger piece thickness: 0.2″ (0.5 mm)
• Hanger piece width: 0.79″ (2 cm)
• Paper weight: 192 g/m²
• Poster secured by magnets
• Comes with a matching string

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