Lenten Survival Guide for Kids


By Peter Celano Written for 7-11 year olds, this playful guide appeals to kids who want to know more about what adults are telling them is a serious time. Without talking down to them, and challenging them to learn and do more, the following topics are explored in detail: What Lent Is, What Lent Definitely Is Not, 40 Days of Survival Tactics, and A Few Prayers and Practices and - Only for Kids. From What Lent Definitely Is Not: People easily become confused on this subject. In fact, we and rsquo;re glad you are reading this book, because we want to set you, at least, straight. You can then please set others straight. Lent is not about and quot;giving up and silly things. It is not about making sad faces to show how difficult life has suddenly become for you. (Need we startexplaining how most of the world would think that giving up candy bars or soda for 40 days sounds just plain silly? According to Bread for the World, 925 million people around the world go hungry each day. So please don and rsquo;t talk about the terrible hardship you are undergoing by giving up M and amp;M's and Coca-Cola for a few weeks. ) So instead of focusing on what you may give up, take time to consider why you may do it. You give stuff up for Lent because you want to become a better Christian. You are testing yourself and - and allowingGod to test you and - to see if, by giving up something that maybe you are toofocused on in everyday life, you can concentrate more on him.

And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. - Matthew 24:39

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