By Jerusha Hull McCormackThis book is designed to help those in pain and - and specifically those who are coping with how to grieve the death of a loved one and - to imagine the path before them. There is no sure route on how to grieve. JerushaMcCormack provides instead a series of signposts by which we may find our own path to a new life. and quot;We are all amateurs at grief, and she writes, and quot;it comes to us all; we must all go through it. To treat grief as a problem to be fixed, or (worse still) to medicalize it, is to rob us of the extraordinary privilege of encountering this experience on our terms: for each of us has our own way of grieving, and each of us has something special to learnfrom the process. and quot;For anyone coping with how to grieve, or dealing with loss. "Chances are, if you are reading this, your heart is broken. This book is designed to help those in pain and - and specifically those who have lost someone through death and - to imagine the path before them. It is a path of suffering. But it is also a path that may lead to unexpected discoveries and - and to peace. "
and - Jerusha HullMcCormack "This book is a personal, concrete exploration of ways to deal with the pain of loss. It is a book of lessons learned firsthand by the author in her own grieving, and so the book has an unusual immediacy and usefulness. I can imagine giving it to a friend as a first resource. While there are many books offering theories about grief, this one offers a phenomenology of sorrow, a charting of a wide range of experiences anyone might have in the aftermath of loss. It is an excellentbook addressed to the person grieving, not to the person thinking about grief. "
and - Thomas Moore,author of Care of the Soul "McCormack writes straight from the heart in a simple language that is infused with a spirituality that is never preachy or pushy. Anyone who is grieving or anyone who knows a grieving person will find hope and support in this small book. "
and - Publishers Weekly, starred review

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