Gardener's Bee Well Skin Care Kit - Medium


Medium Bee Well Skin Care Kit is handmade on Agnus Dei Farms in Alabama. This comes with a small tube of Han and Body Butter, Lip Butter, Hand Butter Bar in a shell, a Lavender Aromatherapy Sachet and a holy card. These products are all made from beeswax, essential oils and Holy Water. This Kit comes from Agnus Dei Farm in rural Alabama, operated by Deborah and John Giles, who make these products by hand from materials they grow and produce themselves. The vision of Agnus Dei Farm is to capture in every product the fruit of the land. As faithful Christians, the Giles pray for God's Peace to accompany every item into the world. They even add drops of holy water to their most popular items, including their beeswax products made by the farm and #39;s bee colonies, and their old-fashioned handmade soaps.

Agnus Dei in Latin means Lamb of God. Holy Scriptures define Jesus Christ as the Lamb of God who was slain for the sins of the world, bringing peace to those who receive Him. Many who have visited Agnus Dei Farm remark on its peacefulness, which the Giles hope is carried on in their products. Faith Shop is proud to help spread this peace by offering these lovely products to customers all over the world.

Length of days is in her right h and and in her left hand riches and honour. - Proverbs 3:16

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