Catching Fire, Becoming Flame


By Albert Haase, OFM Ever wonder how some people become enthusiastic and on fire about their relationship with God? In thirty-three short chapters, Albert Haase gives you the tools and kindling to prepare for the spark of God in your life and - and thenshows you how to fan it into flame until you are set ablaze. This book glows with time-tested wisdom as an experienced spiritual director shares the secrets of the Saint s. Feel cold? Or maybe just smoldering? With supplemental readingsuggestions and reflection questions, this eminently practical book functions like a personal, spiritual retreat. "Fr. Albert embodies the message of this book. He is alive in the Spirit and engages others with the desire to fan into flame for God. This book and DVD are a must for an enriching parish faith sharing group oradult formation program. "
and - Catherine S. Sims, MDiv, Pastoral Associate, Director of Adult Faith Formation, St. Joseph Parish, Libertyville IL"I have attended many retreats and presentations on the spiritual life. Fr Albert's stand out because of his unique ability to make God so close and approachable. "
and - Deacon Mark Cleary,Epiphany Church, Normal, IL"Fr. Albert Haase invites us to get serious about the spiritual journey. His humor and use of stories guide those who are willing to catch fire and become flame. "
and - Sr. Monica Laws, OSF, PhD, VP Mission Integration, Hospital Sisters Health System"This is Christian spirituality at its finest: bold, vibrant, and down-to-earth. After reading this book and watching the DVD series, you'll understand why Fr. Albert is invited all over North America to share his Franciscan wit and spiritual wisdom. "
and - Rev. Thomas Fowler, Pastor of St. Mary's Church, Miramichi, New Brunswick, Canada"Fr. Albert has the unique ability to grab our attention and not let go. He's an amazing storyteller and preacher who will help youdiscover the embers of the spiritual life that are smoldering deep within, just waiting to be set ablaze by God. "
and - Don Schneider, Director of Evangelization and Catechesis, Archdiocese of Denver"This is a thoroughly ecumenical book in the best sense, one never loses sight of Fr. Albert's Christian perspective but readers from all Christian tradition will find help to grow in the their love of God. "
and - Dr. James C. Wilhoit,Wheaton College

Bread of deceit is sweet to a man; but afterwards his mouth shall be filled with gravel. - Proverbs 20:17

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