40 Days with the Holy Spirit


By Jack Levison

God, we know. Jesus, too. But the Holy Spirit? Now's the time and - and here's the perfect book and - to answer this question once and for all in a wonderful, inviting, and meaningful way.

40 Dayswith the Holy Spirit will inspire you to encounter God in fresh and surprising ways. You and rsquo;ll develop stronger spiritual muscles as you breathe, read,reflect, and pray and - all with an eye to cultivating a relationship with the least familiar member of the Trinity. The book is interactive, offering the opportunity to write and pray each day; intelligent, rooted in a rigorous study of Scripture, from Genesis to Revelation; and inviting, with 40 insightful, well-planned 20 and - 30 minute daily exercises; and prayerful, with 40 original prayers that capture each day's insight into the deep, spiritual work of the Holy Spirit. and quot;Jack Levison's lively new book 40 Days with the Holy Spirit is an engaging devotional that invites the Christian community to be reacquainted withthe person and ministry of the Holy Spirit. I read it as a Pentecostalpastor and theologian and it provoked me to consider anew how the Spirit is activelyat work in my life and in the world. Though there are differences in pneumatology within the body of Christ, all who read this book will have to affirm that the Spirit is moving and Jack has caught its zeal! and quot;
and - Johnathan E. Alvarado, Senior Pastor, Grace Church International, and Professor of Theology, Beulah Heights University, Atlanta, Georgia and quot;Jack Levison's new devotional will guide you into the theme of the Holy Spirit in Scripture, aiming for spiritual formation, not just spiritual information. My favorite part: the simple prayers at the end of each reading. A beautiful, accessible, and soul-nourishing resource! and quot;
and - Brian D. McLaren, Author of We Make the Road by Walking and quot;Jack Levison combines a scholar's intimate knowledge of scripture with a bornwriter's mastery of nuance, style, empathy and humor. Every page of this book brims with reverence for God and common-sense wisdom won the hardway. and quot;
and - David Laskin, author of TheFamily and quot;40 Days with the Holy Spirit opens a door for all seekers, religious and irreligious, to experience and rsquo;God's Spirit-breath within. and rsquo; This is more than a must read-its food for busy and hungry hearts. and quot;
and - Dr. Michael Rakes, Pastor at Winston Salem First and quot;Is it possible to live a Spirit-filled life amid our dailydistractions and demands? Jack Levison assures us it is and offers a path to wisdom through stillness and abandonment. This book leads us to the ultimate Source, the Spirit. It is a guide not just for 40 days, but a lifetime. and quot;
and - Judith Valente, Correspondent, Religion and EthicsNewsweekly and author of The Art of Pausing and quot;JackLevison brings together scholarship, Scripture meditation, concrete practices, and compelling inspiration. He helps us retrieve the tragically lost centrality of the Holy Spirit in the mainline Christian world. Here comes the return of the fire and the wind! and quot;
and - Fr. Richard Rohr, ofm and quot;Jack Levison's book is not an overly intellectual look at the Holy Spirit, but really examines what it means to live a Spirit-filled life. A needed resource for those looking to be guided by the Holy Spirit found in Scripture. Jack opens our minds to the fullness of the Holy Spirit and removes the human limitations that we often place on this person of the Trinity, teaching us to hear and obey as God speaks. and quot;
and - Dr. John M. Perkins, Co-founder of the Christian Community Development Association (CCDA), Founder and President Emeritus ofthe John and Vera Mae Perkins Foundation and quot;As with many Paraclete books, the book is shaped for the church calendar and this one for Lent, but this book far transcends Lent. It is for personal spiritual formation. Whatmatters perhaps most about the Holy Spirit is that we don and rsquo;t and quot;get and the Spirit conceptually and internally all at once (even if you are charismatic!) but we need to learn about the Spirit more and more. We learn not by cramming it all into one session and - grabbing a concordance, a dictionary and a big theological book and - but by daily long term routine exposure. Jack's book isdesigned to do that: 40 days. Stories, good Bible study, and a prayer at the end of each short chapter. Gathered around seven verbs and these verbs organize the themes of the book: breathing, praying, practicing, learning, leading, building, and blossoming. This is a devotional . by a world class Bible scholar. andhe's not pandering to anyone's theology . and he opens the Bible and lets the Spirit turn chaos into order. and quot;
and - Scot McKnight, author of The Jesus Creed: Loving God, Loving Others
The hearing ear, and the seeing eye, the LORD hath made even both of them. - Proverbs 20:12

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