Praying in Color - Kid's Edition


By Sybil MacBeth Now kids can pray in color, too! This first-of-its-kind resource will forever change the way kids prayer - and how adults try to teach them to do it. This is prayer that makes sense to kids. One minute a day will do. Any time of the day will work. Drawing with markers or crayons is h alf the prayer; the other half is carrying the visual memories throughout the day. Praise for Praying inColor: "Just as Julia Cameron, in the Artist's Way, showed the hardened Harvard businessman he had a creative artist lurking within, MacBeth makes it astonishingly clear that anyone with a box of colors and some paper can have a conversation with God. "
and - Publishers Weekly, starred review Sybil MacBeth is a math teacher and a dancer, and she is active in her local church in Memphis, Tennessee. Her first book, Praying in Color, has changed the prayer lives of many thousands of Christian adults, and now she has created the ideal version for kids. Sybil has been leading Praying in Color workshops across the U. S. for the last three years. You can visit her at www. Prayingincolor. com.

Divers weights are an abomination unto the LORD; and a false balance is not good. - Proverbs 20:23

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