Redemption 4th Edition Starter Deck

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We are pleased to offer our new Redemption 4th Edition Starter Deck. It features redesigned game cards and a new streamlined rulebook that is ideal for new players to learn the game. The two decks included in the game (I and J) are ready to play. Redemption is a collectible trading card game of biblical adventure. Players use Heroes to rescue Lost Souls, overcoming any Evil Characters that oppose them. Cards come in two forms, starter decks and booster packs. There are two starter decks in each starter deck set. Each deck is ready to play and is specially balanced to play well against the other deck. This allows two players to start playing immediately without have to learn how to build a deck. It is highly recommended that new players start playing with the starter decks. When the starter decks have been mastered, you may custom build your own deck. Designing a new deck allows you to continually discover new strategies for victory. To build your deck, you may purchase booster packs where common, uncommon, rare, or ultra-rare cards are found. Currently there are over 1000 unique cards in Redemption! Trading cards is fun too! Inspiration for all Redemption cards is taken from the Bible. We at Cactus Game Design strive to provide the best scriptural reference on every card. Enjoy the fun and master the strategies! For Ages 7 and up.

And his sisters, are they not all with us? Whence then hath this man all these things? - Matthew 13:56

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